Dear Sir/Madam

Through hard work, quality and up-to-date information
we have upgraded and extended our offset printing offer
in order to provide our customers with a comprehensive
range of printing services:

- technological preparation,

- offset printing on a 5-colour B2 printing press,

- offset printing on a 2-colour B2 printing press,

- folding to a minimum format of 90 × 35mm,

- collating and binding of up to 80 pages,

- cutting and other bookbinding services.

In order to offer an even more comprehensive range of services, our offset printing services has been extended to include:

  1. -photographic services,

  2. -design and layout of printed and interactive media,

  3. -prepress, etc.


We pride ourselves on our tradition which we have been building for more than 20 years together with our business associates.

Matjaž Anžin



are pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, folders, books, business publications, posters, instructions for pharmaceuticals, etc.

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