Printing house with over 30 years of experience

Printing house with over

30 years of experience

Who we are and what we do

At the Para Printing House we offer a wide range of best quality products, such as brochures, magazines, books, booklets, folded leaflets and other paper or cardboard printing products.
We maintain the highest industry standards of the offset printing technologies in multi color printing techniques. Our business is based on a 30+ year printing tradition dating back to the early 1990’s.

Besides many years of successful business strategies, our main strong points are:

  • Qualified professional staff,
  • Excellent company structuredness,
  • Reliability,
  • Assurance of best quality products,
  • Ability to deliver under short deadlines,
  • Competitive prices

Commited to the customer

How can we be of help?

Entrust us with your wishes and get an optimal solution (for your product).

Offset printing

Some of the advantages of the Offset printing technique are excellent quality even with highly demanding products.

Digital printing

Advantages of Digital printing are mostly flexibility, competitive prices, comparable to Offset printing quality and primarily temporal responsiveness.


With extensive experience in Graphic Design, we are able to offer you Graphic Design services for catalogues, flyers, posters, billboards and other promotional products.

Why choose us?

We gladly guide the customer towards simple, yet effective graphic solutions, which add value to your company or business.
We are motivated by passion towards printing, ambition, dedication and are always prepared to go the extra mile.
Our vision is becoming the leading provider of graphic products and digitalized services in the developing information based society for business, public and private customers.

What else can we offer?

We will gladly consult the customer with optimal printing decisions for the individual problem at hand. With that we can solve the most common problems of material type, binding techniques and others. Together we will make sure your desired product looks exactly the way you want it to!

Our business is located at Magistrova ulica 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana. We are open from 7am to 3pm on business days.

Offset printing is recommended in most cases, as the price per unit decreases with a higher number of units printed. The key advantage though is an excellent print quality, which makes it the apparent decision for highly demanding products. It also provides the privilege of using Pantone color samples.

Digital printing is recommended in the case of smaller quantity orders, when there is a need for a quick delivery or when the printed product is personalised. Digital printing however, does not support printing on the basis of Pantone color samples, or printing of lighter colors on dark paper.

Files should be provided by the customer in a high-resolution PDF format, and most importantly in the CMYK color space, which is used primarily for printing.
If the printing product contains multiple pages, the pages within the document should follow the finished product sequence. In the case of printed colors reaching the borders of the finished format, there should be at least a 3mm bleed on the document, providing the space for proper edge cutting in the finishing phases of the process. If there is photo material on the print, photos should be presented in the 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution, allowing for maximum quality print.

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